Make shopping our selection of practical products that are reusable and produced with sustainable materials easier by choosing a set!

By becoming a sustaining member of the Blue Earth Project you will be joining a group of like-minded individuals focused on ecological resilience. Members also receive a welcome package, perks and exclusive discounts through local merchants including 10% off our eco-marketplace.

Show your support of local initiatives by sporting the Blue Earth Project Brand. We offer a selection of practical products that are reusable and produced with sustainable materials.

Old fashioned creamy goat milk soaps and washes made from extra leftover milk from the farm’s family goat.  All products are made by hand in Crosslake, MN at their sustainable farm.

A local collective & community space for vintage clothing, upcycling, creative empowerment, and eccentric salvaged décor in Mankato, MN. In collaboration with GRACE Thrift Store, Susanne Stevens-Hytjan designed and sewed the current selection.

An Eco Lifestyle brand from White Bear Lake, MN that encourages people to “make the switch” to a zero-waste life to do better for the generation we are raising and beyond.

Minnesotan maker hand nails unique and well loved brands of aluminum can pieces to craft trays and wall décor. The cans are all hand washed, cut, and pressed. All are one of a kind and impossible to duplicate.

Henderson, MN beekeeper experiments with beeswax and the products that can be enhanced by its addition. Other than producing delicious honey, this honey farm creates eco friendly alternatives to plastic wrap and single use bags.

Local Mankato artist and historic restoration professional repurposes spalted and salvaged wood into bowls, containers, and other gorgeous décor. Spalting is commonly found in dead or fallen trees. The dark lined patterns come from fungi that invade the wood, creating a beautiful unique design.

Mankato Zero Waste educates and provides the Greater Mankato Area with Organics Recycling services through composting drop-off sites and business plastics recycling services. Signup for their services or buy these fair trade products to help support their efforts.

Deforestation is responsible for about 11% of climate change. Protecting forests and prairies are a critical solution. Planting trees, prairie grasses, and other natural vegetation helps absorb carbon dioxide, improves air and soil quality, preserves biodiversity, improves habitats and creates jobs. Choose a tree or planting project of your choice below and we will plant it for you.

Our Adopt-A-River Program gives organizations, businesses, families and individuals a unique opportunity to take ownership over iconic local river sections. Adopt today for an affordable and fun way to do something good! Let’s harness the pride we have for our 500+ river miles in Blue Earth County by reclaiming what we are quickly losing.

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