Getting Started

Step #1:  Introduction

Reveal the “Learn More” portion below and get familiar with the Adopt a Drain program. Before proceeding, we encourage you to learn about why drain adoption is an effective and simple solution to local and global issues that most citizens can accomplish.

Step #2:  Choose Drain(s)

Choose a drain(s) from our map that you will be able to monitor once per week. Ideally, this would be a drain that is close to home or along an often-traveled route. Most drains don’t require weekly intervention, but we expect that you will be able to monitor it this frequently.

Step #3:  Adoption Form

To adopt a drain(s), please complete the form at the bottom of this page. You will be asked to take a picture of your drain and this can be done via the adoption form, or when reporting your first cleanup. Your adoption will not be complete without this step.

Follow Through

Step #4:  User Registration

Download the Field Maps app on your phone. You will use this via a provided link to report cleanup efforts. Optionally, visit Gravatar to pick the profile image that will represent you on our leaderboard. Use the same email that you used when adopting the drain(s).

Step #5:  Monitor Drain(s)

As needed, visit your drain to sweep leaves, pick up trash, and report issues. We suggest creating a dedicated day and time of the week to monitor. Consider utilizing a time when you naturally and frequently move past the area.

Step #6:  Report Cleanups

To maintain adoption status, we require at least one monthly report. You will be notified by email if you have not met your submission requirements. The Field Maps app makes reporting a breeze and takes most users less than one minute to complete each report.


Adopt a Drain is an effort to restore urban and suburban streams by looking upstream to where water enters the stream system. Many people unknowingly believe storm drains connect to sewer treatment systems. But in most communities whatever enters the drains is discharged directly into a neighboring body of water. That is often a local stream, lake, or bay. Unfortunately, urban streams are not pristine environments and much of their water comes directly from roads and sidewalks through storm drain pipes.

Adopt a Drain accepts this reality and works to clean streams by keeping the drains that feed them free from litter, leaves, and debris. It may also help reduce illegal dumping and keep degrading substances such as oil, grease, and car soap from entering our stormwater drainage systems and ending up in our local waterways. The program is designed to recruit public and private partners to take sustained action to keep drains clear and clean. An informed citizen may stop taking actions that impair local waters, but an empowered citizen takes positive actions on behalf of their stream. They are likely to work not only on this project but also on other restoration projects and speak out on behalf of their local waterway.

In addition to benefiting the local waterway, it also benefits local neighborhoods. It helps create litter-free, more attractive communities. It also enhances urban quality of life and increases economic development. An attractive, clean community is a great asset in attracting new businesses, jobs, and customers.

Please consider adopting more than one drain as drains often come in bunches. There are over 12,ooo drains in the Greater Mankato Area.

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