Our Adopt-a-River program gives organizations, businesses, families, and individuals an opportunity to take ownership over iconic local river sections. We take the hassle out of “getting things done” by hosting all-inclusive river cleanup events for our adoptees. River cleanup events are now an affordable and fun way to do something good! It’s also an amazing marketing and educational opportunity for our adoptees! Leftover funds are issued directly to land and water quality projects in the watershed.

Blue Earth Project provides:

  • River Guides
  • Shuttle Transportation
  • Waste Disposal
  • Event Hosting
  • Marketing

We want our adopters to feel appreciated for the important work they are doing. We pursue a variety of media avenues to cover our adopters’ events including:

  • Adding you on Eco Map
  • Photographers
  • Social Media
  • Newspapers
  • News Stations
  • Radio Stations
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