Blue Earth Project leads Southern Minnesota into an ecological paradigm shift towards a resilient future. With a localized approach to a global problem, our innovative programming, community activation, and bold leadership will aid Greater Mankato in becoming a shining example of a community that properly addressed a crisis.


Influenced by drone technology for precision agriculture, Blue Earth Project formed in 2017 and grew into an umbrella brand eco movement for Southern Minnesota. In May of 2019, Blue Earth Project incorporated as a non-profit organization in Mankato, MN.

Why Mankato?

In 2016, Southern Minnesota lakes were deemed “irreversibly un-swimmable.” According to some researchers and scientists, we should just, “forget about em!” However, we here at Blue Earth Project argue differently. Water is the foundation of life itself, and consequently, what we are facing is a MAJOR water problem!

State of Our Water

Algal blooms from excess phosphorus are choking out aquatic life and recreation revenue. Wells are unfit for consumption from nitrate levels up to 40x the drinking water standard. Erosion from increased runoff and climate change is clouding our waters and moving fertile soil. Rumor has it, we are the largest contributors to the nitrate dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone is downstream from somebody!