Where to donate your unwanted items to

Throughout life, we as humans acquire many things and while they may bring us joy at first, they soon lose that joy and begin to clutter our homes. As individuals clear their homes of these items, it is vital to remember these objects may help someone else and the trash can is not the only option.  

Homeless shelters

Homeless shelters are always looking for donations to assist the people who stay at them. Mankato is home to various shelters that have lists of items on their websites they need that you may have an excess of. Nonperishable food, blankets, pots, pans and cooking glassware are a few examples of the objects that could be needed.

Thrift stores

Mankato has a lengthy list of thrift stores that have free donation drop-offs. They accept a variety of items like clothing, working electronics, decorations and many more. They will re-sell your objects at a highly discounted price for those who can’t afford full prices.

Pet Shelters

Pet shelters are not typically peoples go-to for donating unwanted items. Shelters do their best to make homeless animals comfortable, but they can’t always accommodate every animal as much as they’d like to. Therefore, donations of things like pet beds, towels, and toys are helpful so the furry friends can thrive. In addition, Mankato’s pet shelters have lists available on their websites describing specific items they are requiring.

Facebook Marketplace

Moreover, Facebook’s Marketplace is a great tool to earn cash from your unwanted items. One quick search for selling groups will generate an abundance of results. They’re simple to use and can get you a few quick bucks.

Recycle the right items

Most importantly, there may be objects during the decluttering process that are not donatable, sellable and salvageable. These items may be best for the trash. However, before tossing them, first, check if they are being tossed in the right can. Things like shampoo bottles, Tupperware, hangers, bottles, jugs, and jars are all examples of things that can all be recycled.


Decluttering your home can be a liberating process, but remember your objects journey may not be finished. They can still assist others long after your done with them.

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