On this week’s podcast, we sit down with Blue Dirt Farms owner, Scott Haase as he encourages folks to connect and apply their talents to our current environmental crisis. Hear how Haase is taking his own advice and implementing best management practices on his own farm. Further discussion includes soil health, ag tech and the extensive benefits of fungi.

Laura Marsala Peterson, Executive Director of Living Earth Center- formerly, CESRM in Mankato, MN covers topics such as her organization’s mission, community garden, and upcoming events like Summer Solstice at the Big Red Barn. Additionally, Laura explains how her upbringing in Colorado and worldly experiences brought her to where she is today and why the work she is involved in is so important, not only locally but globally.

Mike Roll, President of Crystal Waters Project explains the driving force behind their creation, what they have achieved, struggled with and aspire to do for the water quality of Lake Crystal, MN. Roll grew up in Lake Crystal and frequently swam in the city’s lake. Today that’s not possible as the lake is highly polluted. Roll discusses the influence of agricultural practices on the lakes water quality and the power big money agriculture presents to non-profit organizations. This episode discusses what Crystal Waters Project is doing to influence others to improve their agricultural and personal practices. Roll also covers the value of hometown pride, agricultures chemical history, Crystal Waters Projects impressive fundraising skills and plenty more. https://www.crystalwatersproject.org/

Seth Yocum, the Owner of Aqualogical since 2014 is well versed in aquaponics and the natural benefits it produces. Aquaponics is the process of growing plants in water. In this podcast Yocum explains just how valuable this practice could be to our waters rising nitrate problem.  Earth is 70% water and he is actively working towards cleaning the polluted portion. Yocum address the areas current issues while  keeping it easy to understand and informative. For even more info, visit this link. http://aqualogicalresources.com/#/Projects

In this weeks podcast, we sit down with Briana Baker, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light’s Southern MN Coordinator! We discuss her group’s mission to create a just and sustainable world. She explains the possible job prospects, money saving and other benefits of going solar. For more information on MNIPL follow the link. https://mnipl.org/

In this podcast, producer Dave Sandersfeld interviews Blue Earth Project founder Paul Ebbenga. They discuss how Blue Earth Project came to be, what they do, and how it is helping Southern Minnesota move towards a brighter future. The Blue Earth Project advocates for ecological resilience . In this podcast, it is explained what that all entails. Additionally, the shocking truth about pollution in our Minnesota lakes and our relationship with agriculture.