Adopt a Drain

Storm drain runoff directly affects the health of our local waterways. By adopting a drain, you help keep trash, organics, and other pollutants out of our water. 

Please consider adopting more than one drain as drains often come in bunches. There are over 12,ooo drains in the Greater Mankato Area.

Step #1

Choose a drain from our map, or multiple, that you will be able to monitor once per week. Ideally, this would be a drain that is close to home or along an often-traveled route.

Step #2

As needed, visit your drain to:

  • Sweep leaves
  • Pick up trash
  • Report issues

Step #3

In order to maintain your adoption status you must:

  • Take a picture of your drain.
  • Fill out a brief annual report.
Adopt a Drain
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On the map, reveal drain info by clicking on it. Copy the Object ID# and paste it below. Separate multiple entries with a comma.