Adopt a Drain

Storm drain runoff directly affects the health of our local waterways. By adopting a drain, you help keep trash, organics, and other pollutants out of our water. 

Step #1

Choose a drain, or multiple, that you will be able to monitor at least once per week. Ideally, this would be a drain that is close to home or along an often travelled route.

Step #2

Find your Drain ID# on our map, and fill out the associated form below with it so we can add you to the map.

Step #3

Visit your drain at least once a week to:

  • Monitor status
  • Sweep leaves (as needed)
  • Pick up trash (as needed)
  • Report issues to the city (as needed)
Step #4

In order to maintain your adoption status you must:

  • Take a picture of your drain.
  • Fill out a brief annual report.
Adopt a Drain
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Click on the drain you would like to adopt on our map, copy and paste the drain ID here.