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 ADOPT a river, lake, drain, zone, block, or property.  EARN points, badges, and Eco Market credits.  REPORT findings such as litter and illegal dumping.  ANALYZE stats, charts,  gauges, results, and more on our dashboards.  INTERACT with neighbors, co-workers, and environmental leadership.  LEARN through quizzes and surveys.  COMPETE with community members on our leaderboard.  REWARD yourself, your business, and community leaders making a difference.

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# Avatar Name Points Level Quests Badges
1 Joe Bohrer 530 3 8 3
2 Bennett Coughlan 450 2 2 4
3 Abby Martin 441 3 0 5
4 Marne Stover 404 3 1 4
5 Ronette Hornick 390 2 2 2
6 Jane Friedman 340 2 2 2
7 Cora Uyigue 340 2 0 3

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River Adopters
Lake Adopters
Zone Adopters
Block Leaders

Jane Dow

Paul Ebbenga

First & Last

First & Last

Drain Adopters

Joe Bohrer (41)

Kay Helms

Jane Dow (7)

Yvonne Cariveau

Paul Ebbenga (5)

Peder Engstrom (2)

Special Thanks

GIS – Ethan Larson, Ben Von Korf, Peder Engstrom

DATA – City of Mankato & N. Mankato, Blue Earth County, MNDNR, MPCA