Step 1: Create your Gravatar 

Gravatars are cross-platform profile images that will show next to your user name. Please follow the instructions below to create yours. If you don’t have a WordPress, Google, or Apple email account, you may skip this step. 

  1. Navigate to Gravatar
  2. Select “Create your Gravatar” 
  3. Use a WordPress, Google, or Apple email account to create a Gravatar account.
  4.  After logging into Gravatar, navigate to “My Gravatars” and then upload an image that you would like to use for your profile on our website. Save your changes and proceed to Step: 2. You can close the Gravatar website now if you’d like. 



Step 2: Create your Account 

  1. On the Main Menu of our website and click “Register”  (top of the page).
  2. Create your new user credentials when prompted. 
  3. Username: Use your First and then Last name with a space in between. Uppercase the first letters of both. (e.g. Greta Thunberg) 
  4. Email: Use the same email you used in Step: 1 for your Gravatar. We prefer a WordPress, Google, or Apple email account. 
  5. If you see a window confirming Registration Complete, check your email for a confirmation message from WordPress with the subject line “Login Details” If you don’t see this message, contact so we can help you through it. 
  6. Select a password and then save it so you can log in going forward. 
  7. Login to our site with your new credentials. If successful, this should take you to your “My Account” page. Here you can see your points balances among other things. Notice at the very top of the page there is text indicating your position on the community leaderboard.